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It is often said by those within the publishing industry that the writing of the book is the easy part.


That sentence can come back to haunt any author. There is a plethora of options for what happens next. Having, most likely, pored over a hot pc for months if not years and agonised in the writing of your manuscript, it is important to give your book, and the final piece of the jigsaw, the attention it deserves.


Some authors are happy to send their work to publishers and literary agents and wait to see whether their work will be accepted. For others this isn't an attractive option due to either time constraints, a desire to retain the full publishing rights, or merely a desire to retain artistic control of their book.                                   

Taking time to learn a little more
about the publishing process
before you make irreversible
decisions is important!!

Whilst self-publishing brings freedom at many levels, it is not without its own demands and can produce more questions than answers. Choosing to take your manuscript to an online publisher who is only at the end of an email, and who will offer little or no price guiding could, in itself, prove too costly.


We take a holistic approach; we look at not just the short-term challenge of bringing your book to print, we  consider your (equally important) long-term objectives too!



At Stellar Books, we are passionate about helping our authors and take a hands-on approach  by offering practical advice for you to either absorb or disregard as you choose. The advice is impartial and realistic but it will ultimately enable you to make good, informed decisions.


We deal with a number of specialists in their field from typesetters to designers, printers to wholesalers. We also offer technical support in the shape of website design and marketing material and ensure that your presence on the internet is maximised..... whether you choose to have your own website or not.


If you wish to learn a little more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us!



Telephone us on: 0161 928 8273

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