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The Accumulation Effect; How to Change Your Life for the Better






Have you ever wondered how you got where you are today? All the decisions you have made, the people you have met, how you treated them as well as how you took the opportunities that came your way have added up to who YOU are now.


It is easy to look back and wish we had done some things differently. However, we can shape our future very accurately and with predictable outcomes more than we might imagine.Everything we do has an accumulative effect. Some more obvious than others.


Let Stephen take your through a style of thinking that can steer you to a brighter, more exciting and designed future than you may previously have thought possible.With practical and easy steps to follow at the end of each chapter, you will be able to quickly find direction and a momentum that builds into a wonderful, optimistic YOU.








Stephen A. Oliver has run his own businesses over the last 30 years and learnt valuable lessons that he has distilled here for you to use.


When we share ideas, the sum of the ideas is often greater than the initial amount.


Let lessons from someone who has been there and done it soak into your everyday actions and speed you towards the outcomes you have always dreamt about.





ISBN: 978-1910275184

78 pages,

15.6 x 23.4  Paperback

Published in April 2017 by Stellar Books



RRP £12.77


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