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How much does it cost?



Telephone us on: 0161 928 8273

In an ideal world, we would love to say it costs X. It is, however, only truthful to say that each  author and manuscript require different levels of service; every book has its own unique requirements.


We don't 'do' packages as such, but offer a bespoke design offering as much or as little assistance as you require to bring your manuscript from Word document through to published book.


An example of our costs: £1,695, includes:


  • ISBN registration.

  • Full cover design (assuming images and blurb are supplied)

  • Personalised design of back cover.

  • Custom interior design of your manuscript*

  • Image insertion (if required).

  • Bibliographic Registration.

  • Legal Deposit.

  • Bar code.

  • Sourcing and researching the most competetive price for printing your mansucript to ensure a quality publication.

  • Enhanced descriptive synopsis inclusion onto all online retailers such as Amazon, Waterstone's etc.

  • Inclusion of Author biography on online retailers.

  • Full  distribution service ensuring the book is available worldwide.

  • Advance Information and Press Release designed (if required)


  • * Up to 12 images can be included; thereafter further charges apply.


This price can be tailored depending whether you require all of the above services or only some. This will largely depend on you, the type of book you have written, and your long-term goals.

We also offer:


  • assistance in producing the descriptive synopsis for the book's back cover

  • proof reading

  • editorial services

Prices are given after inspection of the manuscript. For guidance purposes, a PRICE LIST is downloadable.


If you have wish to maintain independence and merely require some sound advice from someone who has successfully knows their way around publishing, why not take advantage of the STELLAR ADVISORY SERVICE:.


We aim to please, so if you are an author looking for assistance in getting your work to print, we look forward to hearing from you.


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