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Alzheimer´s: An Engineer´s View




Dementia is a cruel illness which affects people in different ways. No two patients are alike and people ‘cope’ in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to react to gradually losing a loved one.


This short book describes in a pragmatic way how Fred Walker, and healthcare professionals, dealt with his wife’s diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Throughout her journey he tried to step into her world of dementia and use an engineer’s perspective to develop solutions to cope with her increasing disabilities and changes in personality. The clinical symptoms are described from the earliest signs, originally attributed to age, through to an eventual diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and during on-going care. As such the hope is that it will be a guide to anyone who not only wants to know the facts, but who also needs to know the human cost behind those facts.


As a neurophysiologist, co-author Chris Pomfrett discusses the possible explanations for the symptoms from a medical perspective, which it is hoped will be beneficial to healthcare professionals enabling them to have a better understanding into not only the science behind Alzheimer’s but also equipping them with the ability to appreciate the challenging situations encountered by many unpaid carers. There is also a description of the current pathways and recommendations for diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease from the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE).


This book is financed as a donation to Alzheimer’s Research UK by the authors.




Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to







"Everyone should read this booklet. Not only is it “Joan’s Story” but it is also “Fred’s Story.” The tale of how an engineer, with an engineer’s perspective on life, managed to explain to himself what was happening to his wife."
                          Dr Karen Drabble MB ChB 


"Fred Walker’s story will touch your heart and help you realise that you are not alone in what you might be experiencing. As an engineer he gives a hard-headed and honest account of the story of his wife’s dementia that is then interpreted scientifically by Chris Pomfrett.."
    Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield CBE



Fred Walker won a Giving Extra Award from the Halifax in recognition of his work for Alzheimer's Research UK.  To watch his story, click on the arrow...

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ISBN: 978-1910275054

82 pages,

15 x 21 x 1cm  



Published in October 2013


RRP £7.50 + £1.49 P&P


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