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St Helens: The Great & The Good





St Helens: The Great and the Good is a celebration of the people and the heritage of the town of St Helens. It profiles 100 people from the town, both past and present, who have made their mark on a national, and in some cases international stage, and concludes that the town has long punched above its weight.


It has been written in a light hearted manner but poses a serious question - will this prolific production line survive into the future?


It is a "must read" for anyone with an interest in the town's history and also for the current youth of the town - can they be inspired to succeed as others have before them?




Brian Leyland grew up in St Helens and attended St Austin's and St Teresa's Primary Schools followed by West Park Grammar School. He graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Modern History with Economics and joined the Inland Revenue as an inspector of taxes, working in Liverpool and then London. He stuck around for nearly ten years and then jumped ship to Price Waterhouse (now PwC). He became a partner in 1988 and worked in Liverpool, Dusseldorf, Manchester and London before his retirement in 2010.


He is now a director of Hometown Plus Limited, a business which helps restore community and commercial prosperity mainly to towns which have been left behind in the post-industrial era.


St. Helens: The Great and the Good is his first publication and he has no idea if there will be any more. In fact he has no idea at all what the future holds for him, other than that it will feature in some measure drinking decent beer, watching rugby league and attempting to play various sports to a mediocre level.




ISBN: 978-1910275221

390 pages,

16 x 24 cm  Paperback

Published in June 2018 by Stellar Books

RRP £14.99


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