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BY Stanley N Hyman


When Joseph Abraham Hyman survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, he returned to Hightown, Manchester to set up Titanics, one of the North-West’s first delicatessens. In doing so, not only did he unwittingly create an epicentre for the community and start a dynasty which, over a hundred years later, is still going strong but, even more remarkably, he managed to survive two wives in the process! No mean achievement!


This is his grandson’s hilarious account of his time at the helm of the family business, and the thrills and spills he encountered along the way. From drugs found in pickled cucumbers to a brand new car being baptised in sacramental wine, from hot salt beef sandwiches on a Sunday morning to a gin swigging bank manager, Stanley tells all with relish.


With wry observations on religious festivals, the idiosyncracies of the religious authorities  and The Almighty all playing a part, this book will delight all those who have ever run a shop, dallied with scallies or supported Manchester City.


This books was edited by Patricia C Byron of Stellar Books.







ISBN: 978-1910275016

220 pages,

19.8 x 12.9 cm Paperback

Published November 2014 by Stellar Books


RRP £9.99 + £1.79 P&P

Is Anything Alright?


As featured in The Jewish Chronicle &

BBC Radio Manchester


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