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Attending to end of life issues is never easy, but one thing is certain: failing to address them will undoubtedly  increase the difficulties that one's family and friends will have to face when inevitable happens.  


Leaving a tidy estate generally involves two things: making a Will and writing a Letter of Wishes. Patricia C Byron has written two books to help you tackle both. To hear why only writing a Will is not enough, and the  importance of writing the much neglected Letter of Wishes, listen to author's interview with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.....




The Essential Guide to Your Letter of Wishes


By Patricia C Byron



This is a book intended to assist anyone and everyone. It deals with that perennial taboo, the subject of death. It is not a will, nor should it be considered as such. It is however, the essential guide to producing your Letter of Wishes and which, once completed correctly, should save incalculable amounts of stress to those you leave behind and take most, if not all, of the guesswork out of the administration of an estate. It will offer a vast amount of helpful information about whom your executors should contact, the funeral you would wish for, your finances, your belongings, and even your pets.


This book is simple yet comprehensive.

Its usefulness cannot be overstated.


You may not feel you need such a book, but consider this scenario: Imagine your child, sibling, or friend is executor to your will. When the sad time comes to wind up your estate, where would they start? Would they be able, for example, to answer the following questions:


Who do you wish to have informed of your passing?

Is there a family cemetery plot?

Where is the paperwork to support that?Where are the deeds to your house?

Where is your will?

Have you registered as an organ donor?

Who has spare sets of keys to your house?

Who knows the code to your burglar alarm?

Or does your home have a safe? Who knows the code?

Who is to take care of your pet poodle Pandora?

Equally important, who do you not want to take care of Pandora???


There are over 100 simple, but pertinent questions which need to be answered by you in Last Orders. Those answers will eradicate doubt and offer clarity to the executors of your will and those you leave behind.


Last Orders, then,  fulfils a number of roles:

  • It is a guide book which will prompt you to consider various aspects of end of life issues

  • It is a document in its own right which needs to be completed; therefore one copy is required per person

  • When the time comes and the book is needed by your family and executors, it will serve as a checklist or aide memoir to remind them of your wishes and the practical issues which tend to get neglected in the Will-making process.



In researching Last Orders, Patricia C Byron consulted with solicitors, funeral directors, the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, The Law Society, MENCAP, but perhaps most telling of all, is that she has personal knowledge and experience of administering estates.


Since its launch in the Spring of 2010, and following the author being interviewed on the BBC's Radio 4 Woman's Hour, Last Orders sold out and went to reprint. It has since become a staple item for those wishing to put their affairs in order and frequently reaches Number 1 Bestseller in its Amazon category.


Along with the general public, there are now law firms within the UK Legal 500 using Last Orders for their Will-making clients as well as members of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, estate planners and independent financial advisors.






Last Orders The Essential Guide to Your Letter of Wishes

ISBN: 978-0956508904

100 pages, 318g

23.4 x 15.6  Paperback

Published in April 2010 by Stellar Books


Purchase individually for

RRP £12.99 FREE P&P from


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Featured in:


  • Law Society Gazette

  • Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners Journal

  • Manchester Law Society Messenger

  • Good Housekeeping

  • Yours magazine

  • Cancer Nursing Practice

  • Great British Life Website

  • Berkshire Life

  • And on BBC R4 Woman's Hour




The Professionals' reviews

"An indispensible aid to anyone who has to tackle the affairs of a loved one especially at a time of grief. For the executor, it will be a tremendous time saving exercise..."

                                  STEP Journal


"For guidance on making end of

life provision, we particularly

like the book Last Orders, by

Patricia C Byron, which has sections to fill in that guide you through leaving a letter of wishes detailing funeral arrangements and other concerns."

Good Housekeeping


"One of the intended consequences of Last Orders is to prompt the reader to discuss the issues

raised and their wishes with their family and friends. I hope the author appreciates just how valuable this is at heading off potential

post-death arguments and perhaps even avoiding costly litigation.....The writer (of this article) would wholeheartedly recommend this book for both clients and practitioners alike."


"This was recommended to me by a patient at the hospice where I work. It is essential reading for somebody who wants to get everything in place before saying their
last goodbye."*

"A splendid little book which steers a person throught the essentials "



"..... the modest cost will be one of your best investments" 

                           EDINBURGH LAW FIRM


Readers' reviews *courtesy of Amazon



 "This is an extremely helpful book with an amazing
range of topics. Anything that can make life easier for

yourexecutors, especially in their time of grief,
is the greatest gift you can leave them




"excellent aide memoir would recommend everyone should complete - save a lot time and anxiety for loved ones left behind."

"A difficult subject

               made easy."

"excellent for my needs"

"This made an old lady very happy!"

"I have just had to organise my elderly mother's affairs after her death ... so glad that using "Last Orders" will save my family the complications and worries I had to deal with."

"This is a brilliant book, a marvellous idea and a must to go alongside
your Will."

"This is simply the best idea I've seen in ages. It covers absolutely everything in
a clear and simple way. If you've gone through the trouble of producing a Will then you should definitely get
'Last Orders' and complete the job.
It's a 'must have'."

"It seemed to make such good sense to note down all the important details of one's life ... from where the keys are kept to what kind of funeral one would like ... before it is too late to tell anyone."

"An excellent book which could be of great help to the family. Fill it in, put it somewhere safe and forget it...The family will find it when it's needed."

You may also wish to consider THE GOOD WILL GUIDE

PURCHASE for £12.99 from


For futher information you may wish to visit the author's website ( where you can purchase her books directly

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