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The book world is particularly complex and, coupled with a difficult distribution system, can prove to be extremely daunting for any author. At Stellar Books Publishing we take a hands on approach and offer as much guidance as possible to anyone wishing to pursue the marketing of their book.


Through experience, it has become apparent to us that marketing is the one area whichnot only many authors overlook, but also self-publishers, and even publishers. You may have the best book ever written, but if no one knows it exists, it is never going to sell. So, a marketing strategy must be adopted well ahead of publication in order to line up potential interested parties.


Whether you are targeting bookshops, wholesalers or online retailers such as Amazon, Stellar Books Publishing offers a broad range of services in marketing from assisting in producing Press Releases to the publishing and designing of dedicated websites. Contact us should you wish to learn more.


It should be noted, however, that although we offer advice where appropriate we cannot, and do not, guarantee  that wholesalers and chain bookstores will accept your book. Extreme caution should be exercised if you are told otherwise by other publishers. Our experience and research has shown that such guarantees are often not quite as they seem.


Sadly, we cannot guarantee sales of your book either. We do however, guarantee to give your book the best attention we can, offering the greatest opportunities possible to get your book to a wider market.


We have a proven track record. Many of our books have reached the Number 1 position in its Amazon category and many of our books go to reprint.






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