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The first publication of "Nourish & Flourish; recipes & nutrition to challenge cancer" was an exploration into Sam's desire to assist in the healing process using a holistic approach to health.


She created the 160 nutritious and delicious recipes to inspire even the most timid home cook with approachable and easy to follow recipes. She wanted to showcase vegetables, herbs and spices and their potential nutritional qualities. It was this approach that led to the majority of recipes in the book being plant-based or vegan.


The handful of meat, fish and dairy options are easily substituted for plant-based alternatives. Written a number of years before the evolution of `chickpea meringues' this second publication does not aim to challenge `classical cooking' but instead to bring awareness to simple, plant-based recipes, with exceptional nutritional qualities, that anyone can follow.


Enriching your kitchen experience and knowledge, this book is your toolbox for your ongoing health and wellbeing.






When Sam first published “Nourish & Flourish” she was working as a personal trainer in the UK. Having gained her Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Massage therapy from Premier International in 2006, she worked in health and wellbeing for a number of years, but she was always passionate about cooking and a firm believer in a well-balanced and nutritious diet.  It was following the first publication of the book that she realised her passion for cooking ran a little deeper.


In the subsequent years, whilst living in southern France and organising the “Nourish & Flourish Retreats”, she evolved her passion into a career cooking at Le Mouton Noir, a local gastronomic restaurant. After expanding her horizons in Utrecht with Instock, an environmental restaurant tackling food waste she returned to the UK in 2018 to achieve her professional Diploma as a chef with the Ashburton Chefs Academy. She’s currently living back in southern France splitting her time as a chef with Le Mouton Noir who took faith in her budding enthusiasm (and bad French!) and La Maison Papillons, a local private guesthouse.

Sam is still always available to discuss one-off retreats for people affected by cancer.
More information and contact details can be found on the following website






Nourish & Flourish

Recipes & Nutrition for Health




Nourish & Flourish

ISBN: 978-1910275177

Published in December 2019 by Stellar Books

Softback - 24 x 20 cm 

268 pages with colour illustrations

RRP £14.99 + £3.30 P&P



Whilst Sam hasn't been affected by cancer directly, several of her close friends and family have been. Through her company NOURISH & FLOURISH RETREATS

she offers holistic health retreats for people who have been affected by cancer.


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