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The Slug, the Snail and their Tale





The Slug, the Snail and their Tale is a story about the growing friendship between Sidney, a trendy, tattooed, young slug and Sasha, a French snail. Sidney is feeling a little low. He is quite bored with his life in the garden and is looking to escape to a more exciting place.


One day, quite by accident, he meets Sasha whilst breakfasting in the treehouse. She is lost and trying to find her way back to her native France. And so their tale begins....


The story includes idioms. An idiom is an every-day phrase or a group of words, which cannot easily be understood from the dictionary definition of each word taken separately. Idioms enrich our language making conversations more humorous and expressive and less monotonous.


This is a lovely story and a great educational tool for parents and teachers teaching Key stage 2, aged 7-11. It will help not just children but also non-native speakers become acquainted with some of the everyday idioms which are commonly used.







Sara Dufton was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire but has lived in Cheshire with her husband Mark for the last 30 years. Her career has been predominantly in Recruitment, Sales and Estate Agency but Sara has always enjoyed creating imaginative and educational stories. This began many years ago when she would let her imagination run wild whilst reading aloud to her children Will and Hattie.


Now that they have flown the nest, Sara has decided to put pen to paper and realise her dream of writing a book. The Slug, the Snail and their Tale is her first published work. Her fascination with idioms is brought about by a love of quick wit and double entendre and a memory of just how difficult it is to learn and understand them.


Having shared this story with a number of teaching friends around the country it was a unanimous decision that it is a great educational tool and exercise for children and non-native speakers to learn and understand idioms. Hopefully this quirky little story about the slug and the snail will make learning idioms fun.




ISBN: 978-1910275313

40 pages,

21 x 21 cm  Paperback

Published in December 2020 by Stellar Books

RRP £7.99 + £2.80 P&P

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